I have been part of the summer Rigging Dojo class, rigging for a short film made by the Anomalia animation school, called ‘Wildlife Crossing’.

This course allowed me to learn a bunch of new stuff and polish my knowledge in regards to rigging, having great mentors: Josh Carey, Brad Clark, Daniel McCrummen.

My tasks were to rig a human character and a non organic one, a kite. I’ve intensively used PyMel scripting to automate tasks, which will be parts of a new PyMel version of my MEL automated rigging script ( like implementing scaling for ik chains, no mattter the solever, fully fingers rigging, legs and arms rigging)

For the kid, i was responsible only for it’s body rigging.
– ik/fk arms and legs
– independet scale and volume per limb
– automatic breathing with adjustable frequency and volume
– ribbon limbs with auto volume on/off
– stretchy spine
– non flip knee
– elbow/knee locking
– space switching for ik hands / head/ neck

reel rigging 2013 ( organic) from Bogdan Diaconu on Vimeo.

The kite features:
– fully dynamic ropes, stripes, strings
– fk multipliers to ease the animation of the stripes/strings, but with the ability of still controlling in FK mode if wanted
– the main string has an fk/ ik /dynamic implementation, allowing to have the kite in an anchored mode, with a knot that can be placed around something.

reel rigging 2013 ( non organic ) from Bogdan Diaconu on Vimeo.

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