Software: Maya
Scripting: PyMel , PyQt
UI: QtDesigner ( for the static part of the interface)
DL: bdAnimCon.rar

What it does:
– Imports controllers and resolves the namespaces
– Dynamically generated UI for controllers
– Easy to add controllers, just a matter of drag and drop in the ‘controllers’ folder
– Color based controllers
– Mirror behavior / orientation
– Proper shape mirroring in case of mirroring with orientation
– Supports multi-shapes controllers
– Supports hierarchy controllers ( fingers for example)

While these days there are a lot of modular rigging tools that bring the animation controllers along, as a TD you still have to rig various things that require ( supposedly) some curves for the animator to grab and move stuff around. And this scripts just does that.

Basically on the same path with the script you need a folder where to drop your favorite controllers as MA files, with the files named so you have an idea whats inside. Why ? The script will look into that folder and use the file names to set the labels for the buttons.

Here’s a link to a demo of it :

Animation Controllers Library from Bogdan Diaconu on Vimeo.

Two approaches for facial rigging:
– first is joint based, using corrective shapes.

  • sticky lips
  • flashy eyes using joints
  • variable blink line
  • adjustable closed eye lids line with blink still working

– second is blendshapes based.

  • sticky lips using wire deformers
  • flashy eyes using blendshapes
  • Osipa controllers for the face

Face Rigging from Bogdan Diaconu on Vimeo.

First model was bought from, second model was created by Touchwood Animation Studio.

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